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Afro - Caribbean artist Simone Patricia is a contemporary artist from the Waterloo Region.

Her expressive colour filled paintings pay homage to her African-Caribbean heritage/culture.

Simone graduated with degrees in both Visual Arts and Education. Her works depict the diversity within the Afro community and focuses on the evolution of
said community in a positive light.

Portraying Afro excellence and beauty in every aspect is Simone's drive and motivation.

Simone focuses on a combination of geometry and vibrancy to create fluidity and freedom within her works.

Her goal is to forever move forward and upward with her works and not backward.

In order to reap the positives for Black Futures we first need to sew them. Nothing moves without Black Creativity.

Simone's hopes are that her viewers are able to understand
and gain a positive perspective while being immersed in her various works.

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