About Simone Patricia

Simone Patricia is an Afro-Jamaican artist based in Kitchener/Waterloo.

She began her journey as an artistically inclined child, with her artistry strongly rooted in her heritage. Growing up in a Jamaican household, Simone there experienced and adapted an abundance of flair. From vibrant spices to vivid dances, bold music and tenacious languages flowing throughout her life, she suitably formed an eclectic art style and took off from there.

Simone’s many works pay homage to her heritage and to the BIPOC community. She continues to break through systematic boundaries with her bold colours, geometric shapes and congruous line work; pushing past uniform guidelines. Self love and acceptance plays an enormous part throughout Simone’s artistic process. With her raw freeform style, she portrays the true beauty and uniqueness of her people and their existence while telling their untold stories. Simone’s aim is to thoroughly educate her viewers that we are not only worthy of praise and idolization, but we are also exquisite works of art.